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I’ve been a bit crap at keeping up to date with my blog, I’ve got to work with some cool peeps over the last year or two. I was having a look through some of the stuff I’ve been up to, and thought I’d put them in a blog post.

I’ve got to play on a couple of EP’s albums. Check them out on iTunes

Lisa Lois – Smoke

I played a bit of guitar on the song ‘Owe It All To You’

Sharlene Hector – Expression EP

I play a bit of guitar on the song ‘Are You Listening’

Heidi Rojas EP

I played a bit of guitar and co-wrote the song ‘Lifetime Love’.

I’ve also had the privilege of working with Zigaboo Modeliste, Jon Allen, Natalie Williams, Beth Rowley, Carly Connor (with The Zutons rhythm section), Pixie Lott, Westlife, Nadine Coyle, Talay Riley, Robbie McIntosh, Ben Jones, Robin Mullarkey .

I played some guitar for the upcoming Divageek release. Check it out, the album is out soon.

Here’s a photo from the recording session:

Currently I’m writing and back in the studio about to record some new music towards a new EP. Will post some more info about that soon.